19 Best Golf Movies That Worth Watching

Best Golf Movies

Golf is a relatively popular sport. With its popularity, the sport-inspired many media such as films, comics, and even games. With this list of nineteen best golf movies, you will have a great time whether you are in to gather more knowledge about the sport or for entertainment. 1. The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005) … Read more

14 Best Greek Movie You Can’t Miss

Best Greek Movie You Can't Miss

Greece is a country filled with rich cultures and unique islands. However, they also have many riches in art and cinema. With these fourteen best Greek movies, you can start to watch and immerse yourself in a curated guide. This list has everything, whether you love romance, biopic, or comedy. 1. Eftihia (2019) Greek 2h 3m … Read more

19 Best Survival Movies You Cant’ Miss

Survival Movies

The thrill and tenacity are a big part of survival movies, making us live through the characters. With this list of nineteen best survival movies, your adrenaline will be pumping in no time. Enjoy the thrill and emotions within these captivating journeys. 1.Cast Away (2000) English Russian 2h 23m IMDb Director: Robert Zemeckis Stars: Tom … Read more

12 Best Movies Like National Treasure

Best Movies Like National Treasure

The 2004 action/adventure film National Treasure is perfect for anyone who loves following clues, with mercenary treasure hunters hot on their trails. Good thing there are plenty of other best movies like National Treasure, so you can have your fill of some more treasure hunt-themed entertainment. Starring Nicholas Cage and Dian Kruger, National Treasure follows the … Read more