13 Best Movies Like Avatar You Can’t Miss

There is no limit to man’s imagination. It’s why people are able to create stories like James Cameron’s Avatar that go beyond our world. If you love narratives that allow you to enter a fictional universe, then you need to check out the 13 best movies like Avatar. Getting To Know The Movie: Avatar (2009) … Read more

Best Movies Like Gladiator That Worth Watching

11 Best Movies Like Gladiator That Worth Watching

Movies like Gladiator give us a historic look at what life was like during the rise of the Roman Empire. If you’re a fan of this movie, you’ve probably watched it a dozen times or more. If you like movies in this genre, here are 11 more of the best movies like Gladiator to binge-watch … Read more

Best Fantasy Movies Like Harry Potter

14 Best Fantasy Movies Like Harry Potter

The void is still there. Ever since J.K. Rowling published the last book of Harry Potter, it has been hard to get over the wizarding world. Well, you are not alone. Gladly, the actors and directors of the Harry Potter movie series have incredibly shown every detail on screen, turning Rowling’s writing into life. All … Read more

Best Movies Like Sicario You Can't Miss

12 Best Movies Like Sicario You Can’t Miss

Sicario is considered one of the best action/thrillers in recent memory. It is viewed by many as a harsh depiction of what the war between the Mexican drug cartel and FBI is really like. There’s plenty of violence and corruption to go around. Sicario also features a shocking and thrilling climax that people still talk … Read more

Best Movies Like Taken You Must Watch

12 Best Movies Like Taken You Must Watch

A movie packed with action, underground crimes, and familial connections, Taken is one of the iconic movies of the late 2000s. The film is an excellent fixture in the action genre, featuring intense fighting scenes and badass lines. Here are the twelve best movies like Taken to quench your thirst for gut-punching action. Taken (2008) … Read more

10 Best Movies Like Vivarium You Can’t Miss

If you enjoyed the sci-fi thriller Vivarium, you probably want to watch more movies in the sci-fi/horror genre. The following 10 best films, like Vivarium, give out surreal and creepy vibes. The mind-bending themes and strange visuals will keep you at the edge of your seat. All About Vivarium Release Date May 2019 Film Distributor … Read more

Best 15 movies like Midsommar You Can’t Miss

Most people spend their free time binge-watching their favorite movies. The movies we watch can somehow affect our perspective in life; some can positively impact how we see things. Therefore, we often look for something similar to the kind of movie we have just watched, just like the famous Midsommar. This movie has three genres … Read more

Best Movies Like Greenland You Can't Miss

15 Best Movies Like Greenland You Can’t Miss

So if you liked the 2020 movie Greenland, which is a riveting film that tells the tale of a comet hurtling towards Earth. You may find that since you enjoy this kind of film, you would like to settle in and binge-watch more films with similar plotlines. Well, you’re in for a treat because we’ve … Read more

Best Movies To Watch If You Like Tenet

15 Best Movies To Watch If You Like Tenet

Tenet is a sci-fi spy film, directed by Christopher Nolan. It’s a mind-bending thriller that follows a man only known as The Protagonist. After unknowingly taking a fake suicide pill to escape torturous mercenaries, The Protagonist discovers Tenet. A shady organization, Tenet, recruits The Protagonist to hunt down bullets that invert entropy; that means they … Read more

Best Movies Like Good Will Hunting You Can't Miss

12 Best Movies Like Good Will Hunting You Can’t Miss

Feel-good movies are perfect when you are feeling down about the heavy aspect of life. One of these films is the 1997 drama film Good Will Hunting. Watching it for the first time is incredible, with its emotional beats and heart-wrenching story. Fortunately, there are twelve best movies like Good Will Hunting you can try … Read more