Best Superman Movies to Watch (Ranked)

12 Best Superman Movies to Watch (Ranked)

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman! Superman has been an iconic superhero that it had and still has several movie franchises since the late 1975s. In 1941, Superman broke free into the world of animation and then tried out live action. The source material has graced several … Read more

Best Korean Action Movies

15 Best Korean Action Movies

Korean films have slowly been creeping up into the mainstream. With their excellent cinematography, in-depth commentary, and incredible casting, it’s no surprise they are as popular. With this list of 15 Best Korean Action Movies, you can get the heart-racing movie experience. 1. Oldboy (2003) Korean 2h IMDb Director: Park Chan-wook Stars: Choi Min-sik, Yoo Ji-tae, … Read more

20 Best Spoof Movies to Watch This Weekend

Are you looking for a good laugh? Well, a spoof movie might do the trick! Today, we will be showing you our 20 best spoof movies. Whether you want some laughs from the past or some gags from the movies of today, we have something for you on this list! Get your popcorn and a … Read more

Best Black Christmas Movies

19 Best Black Christmas Movies

No matter the season, watching holiday movies can make you feel warm and fuzzy. One downside is that the cast of yuletide movies is predominantly white. However, Hollywood strived to create inclusive and diverse films, including this article’s 19 best black Christmas movies. 1. Jingle, Jangle (2020) English 2h 2m IMDb Director: David E. Talbert Stars: … Read more

Best Must-Watch Navy Movies of All Time

12 Best Must-Watch Navy Movies of All Time

There are many war films that you can watch with either an accurate representation of history or full fiction. These movies may be from different armed forces such as the military, and the navies. If you are a big war film fan, you might want these 12 Best Navy Movies. 1. The Boat (1981) German 2h … Read more

Best Motorcycle Movies You Can't Miss

20 Best Motorcycle Movies You Can’t Miss

Whether you’re a fan of motorcycles or not, there’s no denying that some great motorcycle movies have been created over the years. These films have something for everyone, from heart-pounding action thrillers to touching dramas. This blog post will examine 20 of the best motorcycle movies ever made. We’ll briefly summarize each film and then … Read more

Best Date Movies to Watch on Date Night

20 Best Date Movies to Watch on Date Night

Looking for a date movie to watch with your sweetheart? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 20 of the best date movies, complete with summaries and star ratings. Whether you’re into action movies or rom-coms, we’ve got you covered. So grab some popcorn and get ready for a night of entertainment! 1. Crazy Rich Asians … Read more

Best Dragon Movies Worth Wtching

17 Best Dragon Movies Worth Wtching

Including a fire-breathing, flying sage-eyed creature into a movie, and it will sell itself. Dragons feature in several movies as the main characters or a companion of the main character. They are always more prominent, capable, sharper, and brighter than people from any stage within a movie. Dragon movies will get you fixed at the … Read more

Best Mind Fuck Movies Out There

25 Best Mind Fuck Movies Out There

Look no further if you’re looking for a movie that will mess with your mind! This list includes some of the best mind-fuck movies out there. These films will leave you scratching your head, wondering what the hell just happened. From psychological thrillers to horror movies, these films will mess with your head in various … Read more

20 Best Surf Movies to Refresh Your Mind

This list of the 20 best surf movies will make you rush to the beach and practice the sport yourself! We have here the masterpiece from different periods and genres. So, we are sure that reading this post will be worthwhile. Surfing is a sport that requires thorough practice. It is not something that people … Read more