20 Best PG-13 Horror Movies

There’s a reason for implementing the parental guidance rule in films as they could contain sensitive things that need parents to be there as children watch. Here are the 20 best PG-13 horror movies you can enjoy if you or you have a company that is 13 years old and above. 1. A Quiet Place (2018) … Read more

Best Nude Movies (With Lots of Nudity)

20 Best Nude Movies (With Lots of Nudity)

Nudity has played a role in many films over the years. Filmmakers have constantly sprinkled movies with it now and then for some added flare or allure. Sometimes, they do not only sprinkle it. They spread it all over! Now, these movies are what we will be talking about today. If you want your films … Read more

19 Best Viking Movies You Can’t Miss

During the middle ages, between 793-1066 AD, Vikings raided, colonized, and traded throughout Europe and North America. A thousand years later, the fascination for these Norsemen is evident in several films about them. The 19 best Viking movies in this article will take you back in time to witness the maritime adventures of the Scandinavians. … Read more

Best Poker Movies You Can't Miss

18 Best Poker Movies You Can’t Miss

Poker games are indeed a global phenomenon. People across the world are wildly drawn to the Game. So, it is unsurprising to witness poker films gaining popularity over time. Are you one who can’t move on or get enough of this unimaginable and mind-tricking Game? If you’re a huge fan of poker games, here’s the … Read more

Best Chinese Movies of All Time

19 Best Chinese Movies of All Time

Chinese films are one of the cornerstones of media in East Asia. However, its popularity is on the steady rise in the West. From the standard martial arts flicks to romance or period dramas, this list of nineteen best Chinese movies is an incredible way to start your movie marathons. 1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) … Read more

20 Best Horse Movies That Will Awaken Your Love For Horses

Do you love horses? Do horse racing competitions make your heart race like crazy? Or maybe, you are just a bored movie lover who wants to explore new genres and plots? Here, you will know the 20 best horse movies you can watch. We are sure this one will be worth your time! Note that … Read more

90s Action Movies (Ranked)

Top 20 90s Action Movies (Ranked)

The 90s brought a lot of great movies to our cinemas. One of the best genres produced during this decade is Action movies. This article has come up with the top 20 best 90s action movies ever produced. Check out if some of your favorites made a list. 1. The Matrix (1999) English 2h 16m IMDb Director: … Read more

20 Best Animated Batman Movies

Dark knight and ultimate savior of Gotham City, Batman has faced battles and emerged as the victor in the end. The crowd considered Batman one of the favorites and iconic superheroes of all time. Over time, people have loved Batman and his life journey and story. Credits to the animation geniuses, DC Entertainment and Warner … Read more

Best Cold War Movies You Can't Miss

19 Best Cold War Movies You Can’t Miss

War movies combine historical information, intense drama, and heart-stopping action. The 19 best cold war movies in this article contain these features plus the mystery of espionage. The cold war reveals the tension and the psychological warfare between the U.S. and Russia. Check out this list to know more about this genre. 1. Dr. Strangelove (1964) … Read more

Best Racing Movies You Can't Miss

20 Best Racing Movies You Can’t Miss

With its hyped-up sequences, fast cars, and brilliant casts, it’s no secret why racing films have gotten popular. From the franchise such as Fast and Furious to a biopic of actual lice racers, you can pick out the next film for your next marathon with this list of twenty best racing movies. 1. The Fast and … Read more