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12 Best Superman Movies to Watch (Ranked)

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman! Superman has been an iconic superhero that it had and still has several movie franchises since the late 1975s. In 1941, Superman broke free into the world of animation and then tried out live action. The source material has graced several…


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Jonah Hill has been one of the most popular actors since the early 2010s. With many films on his belt, choosing which one to watch is complicated….

16 Best Movies Of Liam Neeson

What comes to mind at the mention of Liam Neeson are action movies. As with Neeson, all his movies come in different exciting plots, twists, and forms….

11 Best Will Ferrell Movies (Ranked)

Saturday Night Live has always been a breeding ground for comedic talent, including Will Ferell. His outrageous gags, commitment to comedy, and boundless energy brought him from…